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Our work

Debate on international foreign and security policy

As a political think tank, EPIS actively participates in debates on international foreign and security policy. To this end, we publish our magazine and share diverse viewpoints on our blog. We also host events on current political issues. 

Learn more about our goals, our team and our methodology.

Our Goal

As a think tank, we want to think differently about politics and society: based on facts and moved by perspectives. Our hypotheses and analyses are neutral, fact-based and clear. We want to think differently about political and social debates

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Our Team

We are an association of students and young graduates from a wide variety of disciplines. As a result, our discussions are shaped by different directions. What unites us is the will to get involved in the political and social debate.

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​​Our Methodology

Our magazine is the basis of our work. In several articles, we work on current topics in politics and society. Our analyses are based on facts, and we aim to communicate in a way that reaches every part of society. Every member of our think tank can apply for the magazine as part of a team or independently.

Through follow-up events, we bring the theses and analyses into the public debate. Every month, we focus on one article in the magazine. We invite experts to widen our further perspectives and to get new input for further discussion.

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