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Apply to be blog author

Do you want to contribute to our blog? Join us!

You can join the EPIS Blog, even as an external contributor. To do so, you can simply register through our application forum. This is also possible if your article is still an idea or you are in the middle of the writing process.

You already have a text?

Simply send:

  1. Your text as a .docx-file,

  2. A file with your picture (including the source) and your contact details (phone number & name)


Johannes is the organiser of the EPIS Blog and will be in touch.

You do not have an idea yet?

Contributing to the EPIS blog is a great way to start becoming part of EPIS. Fill out the author application and introduce yourself. Johannes will get in touch with you.

Requirements for EPIS Blog Articles:​

  • Choose a topic related to foreign, security or economic policy

  • Your contribution should be about 500 words long

  • The contribution should explicitly include your perspective

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you very much!

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