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The EPIS Magazin is a publication of the EPIS ThinkTank e.V. As a think tank, we participate in current debates on foreign and security policy through well-founded analyses and statements. We are always looking for bright minds to strengthen our team of scientists and young professionals.  We are looking forward to your contribution! Read through the pages or download the articles individually.

International Foreign & Security Policy

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Tobias Bauer.jpg

Tobias Bauer

Max Schussmüller

Maximilian Schussmuller

01|The Political and Economic Power of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps play an important role in the country's political and economic spheres. Their power in both business and politics has therefore major implications on how Western decision-makers should approach the organization.

02|The Russian invasion of Ukraine

An analysis of Russia's reasons, motivations, and intent behind the 2022 invasion of Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is all but surprising, considering Moscow's history of aggression against neighboring countries. In addition, Russia's expectation of quick success may have contributed to the decision to launch a military operation against Ukraine.

Elie Castanie.jfif

Elie Castanie

Johannes Holunder.jfif

Johannes Hollunder

Julian Klose.jfif

Julian Klose

03|Panther trumps Leopard

The Arms Deal between Poland and South Korea and its Implications

A deal without losers? Why the arms deal between South Korea and Poland holds benefits for both countries, and which implications it carries for Europe and the Indo-Pacific.

04|The Islamic Republic of Iran as a factor of influence in Afghanistan

This article provides a review of the history of Tehran-Kabul relations. In summary, Iran's attempts to exert influence become evident when examining social, political and economic ties between the two countries.

Max Schussmüller

Maximilian Schussmuller

Lisa Bielmaier.png

Lisa Bielmeier

Lorenz Garbe.jpg

Lorenz Garbe

Bastian Vilušić cropped.jpg

Bastian Vilusic

05 | Security, communication and the role of the police in Germany

Perceived security is influenced by a range of factors, among them work and presence of the police. This article looks at the interplay between law enforcement and society, and particularly examines communication strategies employed by the German police.

Chiara Pfaffenzeller.jpg

Chiara Pfaffenzeller

Lisa-Marie Stilper.jpg

Lisa Maria Stilper

06|The Future of the European Union

Quo vadis, Europe? Cases can be made for rising, stagnant, or declining levels of cooperation within the EU. An examination of implications of each trajectory would have for the future of the European Union.

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-20 at 20.03_edited.jpg

Daniel Gerjets

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