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Dr Min, is South Korea a shrimp among whales?

Expert discussion on South Korea's foreign and security policy in Northeast Asia against the backdrop of the article „Panther Trumps Leopard - The Arms Deal between Poland and South Korea and its Implications“

Expert talk on South Korea's foreign policy with Dr Min In Young

Dr Min In Young is an expert on international relations in East Asia with a focus on South Korea. He is interested in international relations theory and security policy. He is currently working on a book about the engagement of small states with the People’s Republic of China. With EPIS, he spoke about South Korea's foreign policy in Northeast Asia.

Time Stamps:

01:02 How much of a „Zeitenwende“ can be observed in South Korea?

02:25 What drives South Korea's foreign and security policy?

07:01 Considering the THAAD issue, is South Korea a shrimp crushed between two whales?

10:44 How does Yoon Suk-yeol’s foreign policy differ from his predecessor Moon Jae-in?

14:27 What are the motives behind China claiming elements from Korean culture to be Chinese?

18:55 What can be expected from South Korean foreign policy in the medium term, particularly in regard to North Korea?

22:31 How and to what extent can the relationship between Korea and Japan be improved?

26:32 How did you perceive the Russian attack on Ukraine?

29:18 Why is South Korea reluctant to deliver lethal weapons to Ukraine?

33:10 What is South Korea’s motivation behind its substantive arms deal with Poland?

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