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Precise, Informative, Insightful: This is EPIS Blog!

EPIS Blog provides you with a platform to share your views on issues of international politics. Through our blog, we aim to promote debates that go beyond superficial headlines, and we would like to give you the chance to participate in the debate.

When contributing an article, you present your personal view on a topic in international relations of your choice. You should utilise a factual and informed argumentation to convince the reader of your perspective. To ensure an adequate standard, all contributions will undergo a review process before publishment.

To make our blog more accessible, all articles are published in English.

Are you interested in sharing your personal view on one particular issue? Reach out to us! The requirements are simple:

  • Choose a current issue related to foreign, security or economic policy

  • Your post should be 500-1000 words long

  • You are strongly encouraged to include your own views in your post and to write in your own style

  • Write your contribution in British English

  • Add references as hyperlinks in the text

  • When submitting your article, download and fill in this template

  • Tip: Check your text with tools such as Grammarly or DeepL to elevate the level of your writing

Please reach out to Johannes Hollunder. We are looking forward to your article!


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