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Our events

Here you will find an overview of the current EPIS events.

No upcoming events at the moment

past events

  • Power of the Revolutionary Guards: Lecture and Discussion on the Revolution in Iran
    The Power of the Revolutionary Guard - Lecture and discussion with Maximilian Schussmüller
  • Von Juche and the Kims – How to deal with North Korea?
    North Korea is seen by most people in the West as a paradoxical state: desperately poor and isolated, and yet a nuclear power. A bizarre personality cult is practiced around the ruling Kim family. How do you deal with one of the toughest dictatorships in the world? - A lecture by Dr. Uwe Schmelter
  • Epis Round Table: Participation and Democracy
    panel discussion
  • The USA after the Election: Perspectives for the Transatlantic Relationship
    Expert discussion with the envoy of the German embassy in Colombia, Klaus Botzet

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