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Membership means participating.

As a political think tank, we actively participate in the public debate. We are happy about committed people who take up the debate. As a member, you become part of a network of students and young academics in Germany and from all over the world.


Take part in our EPIS Award by writing an article in the following categories:


- Category I.: Articles in the EPIS Magazines of the respective year.

- Category II.: All blog posts published prior to the 20th of December of the respective year.


We want to think differently about politics and society: based on facts and moved by perspectives. Our theses and analyzies are neutral, open and clear.

  • Policy Relevance

  • Methodology

  • Orthography

  • Design


The honored publicationsare published here on the 22nd of December

The Political and Economic Power of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
von Tobias Bauer und Max Schussmüller

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