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May Brief: Georgia's New “Foreign Agents” Law

Georgia's new foreign agents law labels NGOs with significant foreign funding as working for foreign powers, harming its EU accession prospects and drawing criticism for being anti-democratic.


April Brief: Ukraine’s Presidential Elections - The Workings of a Post-Soviet Democracy

Ukraine prides itself as a post-Soviet democracy. However, to what degree is the lack of upcoming elections a constitutional limitation or an excuse for democratic backsliding?


March Brief: Behind the Ballots of the 2024 Russian Presidential Election: Insights and Implications amidst an Ongoing War

In the upcoming Russian presidential elections, President Putin is expected to portray himself as the unchallenged leader, maintaining his dominance over the Russian state.


February Brief: The Possible EU-Enlargement to Ukraine - Conditions & Obstacles

In this briefing, we look at the question of EU -Enlargement to Ukraine and check if Kyiv fulfills the Copenhagen Criteria.


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Felix Heuner

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