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Easy entry into publishing

The EPIS Blog is an easy introduction to publishing - even as an external contributor you can publish an article. Find out more about the requirements and the process here.


You don't have a topic yet? No problem. Find out more and we will help you.

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Choose a topic on international foreign, security or economic policy.


  • Your paper should be about 500 words long.

  • Make precise, logical and robust statements.

  • Format the text: in Calibri, size 12, 1.5 line spacing, justified.



You don't have an idea? No problem. Our blog editors will help you - introduce yourself briefly in an email (name, contact details, studies/interests). Together we will make it possible.


We want to think differently about politics and society: based on facts and moved by perspectives. Our theses and analyzies are neutral, open and clear.



Feel free to write us an email!

You can read previous blog posts here to see how others have done it.

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