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Write for the Magazine

Research. Write. Publish.

The EPIS Magazine is our scientific format. Would you like to write an article for the upcoming issue? Then get in touch with your ideas. Here you can find out what you need to consider.


No idea yet? No problem. The editorial team of EPIS Magazine can help.

Reichstag Building


  • The amount of text depends on the type of contribution (column, article, etc.).

  • The EPIS Magazine is a scientific publication and pursues a high standard in research, writing and editing.

  • Details about formatting and design will be explained in the editorial conference.



You have no idea? No problem. Our magazine editorial team will help you - briefly introduce yourself in an email (name, contact details, studies/interests). Together we make it possible


if you would like to write an article for the magazine...

  1. in March/September application phase - collecting suggestions for contributions.

  2. in April/October the writing phase begins - drawing up an outline and introduction.

  3. in July/January end of the writing phase - completion of the contributions.

  4. in August/February finalization of the magazine - editing and layout.

  5. in March/September - your text will be published.



Feel free to send us an email!

Here you can read previous issues of EPIS Magazine to see how others did it.

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