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EPIS Talks

Der Podcast zu internationaler Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik

In unseren Podcastfolgen (20 - 25 min) greifen wir aktuelle Themen der internationalen Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik auf. Hier kommen unsere Mitglieder mit Experten ins Gespräch.


Expert Talk with Dr. Min In Young about South Korea's Arms Deal with Poland (2022)EPIS Think Tank
00:00 / 36:34
Expert Talk with Dr. Bernhard Seliger on North Korea's increasingly close ties with Russia and other developmentsEPIS Think Tank
00:00 / 32:23
The views shared in this episode are Dr Seliger's private views. The interview was recorded in October 2023. 
Episode 001 - Anarchy and Institutions A Question of Norms, Values, and the Understanding of the WorldEPIS Think Tank
00:00 / 21:07
Episode 002 - Powering Ahead Fortifying EU Relations through Hydrogen TradeEPIS Think Tank
00:00 / 30:48
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