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Dema Elya


Junior Research Fellow

Dema Elya is currently studying International Relations & Organisations (IRO) at Leiden University. Having organized a congress on “Diplomacy with Autocracies”, she has gained interest in diplomacy, in particular, in mediation. How do we get two completely different countries to still sit at the table together? How do we continue to promote dialogue? Furthermore, she is interested in the EU's coordinated foreign policy. How effective are these coordinated policies of the EU? Think of the EU’s migration deal with Tunisia. Lastly, as the Dutch Youth Delegate to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, she has learned the value of the international community. She is therefore interested in investigating the role and effectiveness of International Organisations and Non-governmental organizations in the international arena. The topic of diplomacy, specifically multilateral diplomacy, comes back to this topic.

Dema Elya
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