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Clément Stratmann



Senior Research Fellow

Clément (born in 2000) is a Franco-German graduate with a background in political science, international relations and global history. He harbours a strong interest for Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle-East, the Caucasus, the Horn of Africa and the wider Indo-Pacific, which he has brought to fruition during his traineeships at the German Bundestag, various European political institutions and the FINABEL interoperability comite of European land forces. Furthermore, he’s curious about current trends and discussions within the fields of geostrategy, military affairs, geopolitics, OSINT, HUMINT and intelligence especially. As an admirer of Aristotle, Kant and Thomas Aquinas, Clément welcomes exchange, pluralistic conversations and different opinions. He seeks to contribute to the common good and public welfare within the regional and global security architectures within his future working prospects.

Clément Stratmann
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