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EPIS Working Groups

Mit den EPIS Working Groups bieten wir regelmäßige Briefings zu aktuellen Nachrichten aus der Welt der internationalen Politik. All dies wird von praktischen Infografiken begleitet.

EPIS nimmt keine institutionellen Positionen zu politischen Fragen ein. Die in den Briefings vertretenen Ansichten sind die der Autoren und repräsentieren nicht die Ansichten des EPIS Think Tank.

Aktuelle Themen aus der internationalen Außen- & Sicherheitspolitik

North America

June Brief: North American Trade Relations: The Role of NAFTA and USMCA

The free trade agreements NAFTA and USMCA played relevant but overexaggerated roles in shaping North American economies.

Middle East & North Africa

May Brief: Impact on Egypt’s Economy since 07 October 2023

The Hamas-Israel war has affected Egypt’s vulnerable economy in various ways. Quantifying the exact impact remains challenging due to the complex and multifaceted nature of its influence on Egypt and the region.


May Brief: The Significance of the Japan-US Alliance amid the Evolving World Order

The USA-Japan alliance aims to balance China's power and address the Russia-Ukraine war, ensuring peace and security in the Indo-Pacific and beyond.


May Brief: Alternative strategies for Ukraine?

EU must increase internal support, as well as forge international alliances if the isolationist against Russia is to succeed.


May Brief: Georgia's New “Foreign Agents” Law

Georgia's new foreign agents law labels NGOs with significant foreign funding as working for foreign powers, harming its EU accession prospects and drawing criticism for being anti-democratic.

North America

May Brief: Palestinian Statehood: Growing Isolation of the United States

The American blockade of a UN vote on Palestinian statehood highlights different positions on the international stage.


April Brief: North Korea - Russia's Most Important Ally?

North Korea, driven by historic ties and strategic interests, increases support for Russia’s war in Ukraine.


April Brief: Europe’s Struggle for a United Stance in the Middle East Conflict

EU's internal divisions hinder unanimous decisions in the Middle East conflict, despite recent progress in humanitarian aid initiatives.


April Brief: Ukraine’s Presidential Elections - The Workings of a Post-Soviet Democracy

Ukraine prides itself as a post-Soviet democracy. However, to what degree is the lack of upcoming elections a constitutional limitation or an excuse for democratic backsliding?

North America

April Brief: Canada’s versus Mexico’s Stance on Ukraine

While Trudeau's Canada is siding with the West in supporting Ukraine, López Obrador's Mexico tries to stay neutral.


March Brief: Democracy and South Asia; Study of Recent Elections

In South Asia, Bangladesh and Pakistan face election controversies; India holds fair polls despite challenges.


March Brief: The Impact of Europe's Withdrawal from the Sahel Region

After a wave of military coup d’états in the Sahel region, EU member states had to withdraw around 7400 troops. This security vacuum now leads to increasing instability in the region.

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